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tv   America Live  FOX News  February 22, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> a cheerleader makes a shot. and from mississippi, made that basket during half time. you go, ashley! >> lebron who? right? >> that's right. thanks for joining us. >> "america live" starts right n
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now >> fox news alert with exactly one week to go before those automatic budget cuts, well, budget cuts, really, a decrease to the expected increase in spending are set to hit. so, the cold hard numbers behind these cuts are raising new questions about the dramatic description of the potential fallout. we're going to get you up to speed honestly here "america live" today. i'm megyn kelly. president obama has been ramping up the pressure on republicans warning that our economy, jobs, lives, could be in danger, if these scheduled cuts across the board go through. but the latest numbers show if the automatic reductions take place, there will be 85 billion dollars in cuts this year. that's equal to what the government spends in nine days. even if it happens, the government is projected more than last year, so he you see, we're talking about a decrease in the increase in spending and you may be asking yourself how can we survive and live
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on, with just the paltry amount of spending? well, where would we look for the example? how about last year when we did it just fine? all this leading to questions about how the fallout could be so dramatic. so dire, so awful. when the total federal budget is actually increasing. chris stirewalt is our national digital news editor. how can we do it? where can we find the historical example of the surviving on a budget that's cut in this manner. oh, last year. i mean, what's the answer to that. why are the politicians, you know, chicken littling us? >> well, remember this, if there , if there's anything that if there's anything this town like, very good, washington is not only good at creating crisis, but making them seem, way, way bigger than need be. it's what they do, makes them feel good. important, on television, does all kinds of things that they like and it makes the story all about them.
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you know, the truth is that if you have an economy that's 16 trillion dollars, if you have-- if that economy could be so adversely affected by the difference between spending an extra 15 billion more, we're spending 60 billion more, if it that is the tipping point, that says some bad things about our economy, doesn't it? >> you are the one who came one that phrase which i like so much. the first time i got it. it's not just the cut, it's a decrease to the scheduled increase in spending. we're having an increase in spending and it's a question of how big the increase will be. and you say, as for real cuts, real spending cuts, bumkiss. they haven't been any. the president says he made 2.5 trillion in cuts and you think that that's not true. there have been no actual cuts. explain that. >> well, look, it's like this. the president to get to his
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2.5 trillion dollar number says a lot of things, one of them is, look, we're not fighting the war in iraq, not going to reinvade and occupy iraq, that saves money so you get some credit for that and you also get credit for things he says are going to happen eight years from now. it ten years from now, to get to that number, but it's the not like, when he says it, 2.5 trillion in deficit reduction, he makes it sound like he at the behest of republicans is gone through an ax and cut spending. that's not occurred. nothing has been cut. it's growing slightly slower than it would, but look, let's-- let's make it as plane as possible. and by the time the president leaves in office, the national debt is bound to be more than 20 trillion dollars. that's the best case scenario if there is economic recovery, if in fact cuts are put into place, all of those things, you're still going to have a 20 trillion dollar national debt, so, this is a lot of liberty jibberty as both sides
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talk. >> megyn: liberty jibberty? let me ask you, because the president, the way they've agreed to it. the president proposed is, we know that. the republicans agreed to it, we know that and the president signed it into law. the way it's structured now, these cuts, are we headed for these catastrophic results? because just before we went on the air, the transportation secretary, in addition the air traffic contollers are going to be delayed and laid off and we're going to lose first responders and people could die and we could be waiting forever for the ambulance to come and houses could burn down and the transportation secretary says we're going to delay. can you imagine the consternation across the u.s.? is that all actually going to happen if the president and the republicans don't get together to rejigger this thing? >> perhaps secretary ray lahood will have the f.a.a. instruct pilots while people are waiting on the tarmac, this delay brought to you by john boehner and house republicans.
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look, the numbers and the forecasts that they're talking about here are over ten years and the president talks about hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. this is over a decade if there is full implementation and there is never a budget deal produced in the next decade. then theoretically, these jobs might be lost. so this is all about, we've talked about this before. this is makings things sound and look as bad as humanly possible to try to get your adversary on the defense. because here is the worst part of all of this kabuky dance. not like all of a sudden somebody comes up with a hoover and sucks up 40 billion dollars. no, it happens incrementally. the other thing is this, this is all just set up to the fight that we're really going to have. and that's about beginning resolution that funds the government that's set to expire the end of next month. this is the warm-up. this is the president getting the republicans on the defensive and trying blame them for a week economy and all the other things and this is round one to the super
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kabuki dance before we get to the continuing resolution. >> megyn: how does it-- tell me whether i'm right or wrong. i see both sides to blame for this. the president suggested it. this is his idea. the republicans signed onto it. and so, i realize that thendits winning in blame game. that's because he's a more effective messenger, because he proposed is and signed it into law. the american crossroads, i think, has a crossroads gps has a new ad out today called obama's mess. where they're trying to change, i guess, those poll numbers. here is part of it. >> these cuts here in washington and sequestration are a bad idea. do you want to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs, air traffic contollers and airport security on the hardship of seniors and middle class families scramble to
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find child care for their kids. and vaccinations and cancer screenings, bad idea, a bad idea. >> sequester was the administration's idea. >> they were president obama's idea. >> so-called sequester was obama's idea in the first place and signed it into law. >> and you get -- you get the general picture there, with the zombies and the cars going off the cliff. too late for that? a little late. have they lost that war or could they win the pr battle here? >> they're not going to win pr battles. not only do they deal with a press corps that's not as eager to listen to their side of the story, but they also don't have as big a meg aphone and all of those things are true. but the point in all of that is that how did the republicans get snookered again by the president, did they really think, really, really think, did the house republicans really think that barack obama would go forward with cutting programs, domestic spending and welfare programs that he likes and not say, hey, you know what? let's not do that? they thought that he would
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just grimly, solemnly sit there and say, yes, we must be silent about it instead they're acting offended and surprised. >> megyn: yeah, we're seeing a pattern is emerging here. >> a the pattern has emerged. >> megyn: thank you so much, sir. >> you bet. >> megyn: just yesterday, president obama laid into republicans over the issue of the so-called budget cuts. in a radio interview with al sharpton, the president suggested that the g.o.p. is reluctant to raise taxes because helping the rich is really all that binds these republicans together. listen. >> my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over closing tax loopholes. and that's the thing that bind
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them together at this point. >> that's the thing that bind the republican party together in the president's view. but given that 42% of americans identify or leaning republican does the president mean to say all those people, all they really care about, the thing that bind them together with that party label is their desire to protect the rich? that will come as a surprise to the millions of americans who are identified republicans who are not rich and really don't care about the rich. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on this just ahead. in the meantime, there's a fox news extreme weather alert. a massive blizzard dumping more than a foot of snow in the midwest in the worst storm in declaration cade. caulk about white-out conditions and airports grounded more than 200 flights. a ripple effect across the country and a new form bares down on the east coast. in kansas, more than a foot. snarling the traffic there.
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their second worst storm on record. and the kansas national guard, hum-vees stranded motorists and from lawrence, kansas, one car bursting into flames as it it struggled up the snowy hill and we will have the latest on the situation in the midwest and what the storm's expected to do next coming into the northeast this weekend. and meantime, olympian oscar pistorius is now free on bail in the shooting death of his model girlfriend. and mark fuhrman says there's more to this than meets the eye. and he could be in prison a long, long time. and a teen falls off a ski lift. we talked about that. the important message he learned. and women who want to defend themselves don't need these
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semi automatic weapons, vice-president joe biden, they can use a shotgun. we'll talk to the stay at home mom and why he believes she missed the mark. >> said jill, if there's ever a problem walk out on the balcony here, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, who's ever is coming in is not going to-- . [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
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>> well, today, we're actually hearing from that badly injured teenager we told you about who survived a nearly four story plunge from a ski lift. here is jacob gutierrez dangling from the chairlift as he tried to throw a snowball and slipped. he did not have the safety bar down and did not have a helmet. his grip failed and he dropped 45 feet on to a rock slamming his head and rolling down the slope.
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jacob says he thought he might die. >> so i'm hanging and i just, i lose the grip and i remember at all. i just remember falling, like it felt really far, but i hit a rock and it just, next thing you know, i'm looking up at the ski lift. and as i was falling, i just-- it was pretty scary. i thought he might have died. i actually hit my head on the rock, as you can see, i have a scar and that was just blood everywhere. and i was just, i was in shock. >> megyn: he suffered tears in both lungs, lacerated liver, a skull fracture and a cut in his forehead that required stitches and he now says he's going to wear a helmet. good advice for everyone. >> . >> get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells of the .12 gauge shotgun and told
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my wife, we live in an area, wooded and somewhat secluded jill, if there's any problem there, walk on the balcony, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house, i promise you whoever is coming in is not going to-- >> that was vice-president joe biden sharing some firearms advice for women worried about their safety. that answer came during an online gun control forum earlier this week that was organized by parents magazine. and the vice-president's controversial remarks had set off a social media firestorm of criticism from the left and the right. but almost as interesting as what he said about the question itself. you may not have heard this part of the exchange. here is the first part of mr. biden's response. >> and the next question she asking, do you believe that banning certain weapons in eye capacity magazines will mean that law abiding citizens will then become more of a target to criminals and we will have no way to sufficiently protect
10:19 am
ourselves? >> and this came up and-- >> is this parents magazine? >> it is. >> i have parents magazine and never heard anybody at parents magazine ask these kind of questions, but i'm delighted to answer them. >> and joining me now is kate earnest, the woman who asked that question, that touched off the vice-president's response. kate, it's great to have you. so the vice-president seemed to doubt whether you, as the parent of a baby who is just over one would legitimately be asking in a parent forum about gun control. what did you do that? >> well, i mean, there's been a lot of media recently about gun control and as a parent who has weapons in my home i just wanted to know, you know, in terms of placing bans on certain weapons or magazines, you're going to remove them from the hands of the good guys. he no criminals are going to go turning in their weapons. you know, my question was, if
10:20 am
he claims that our police officers are being outgunned should we be outgunned in our homes as well? or does he feel like proposing that ban will somehow affect criminals? >> were you satisfied with his-- >> originally asked. >> megyn: were you satisfied about his answer and this is the advice he gives to his wife jill. go out there with trouble with a double barrel shotgun and firing two warning shots and trust me, that will be the end of the matter, not to worry? >> right. well, the advice is probably some of the poorest advice he could give anyone, let alone a loved one's wife. for anybody who knows anything about guns, they would know that a double barrel shotgun only holds two rounds and once she goes out in plain sight and fires the two round she's a sitting duck, she has no more ammunition and in a high pressure situation is she going to fumble with shells to reload it? i highly doubt it. you know, i think it was poor advice and it comes off a
10:21 am
little sexist, like, let me tell you what you need versus you know, arm yourself or protect yourself in a way that you feel necessary. >> megyn: what did you you make of him questioning whether the-- whether the question you asked in the first place was appropriate? >> i mean, i don't feel like i'm the first person by any means to have asked that question or a question like it. i feel like it's, you know, it's been on a lot of people's minds, wondering how proposing such a thing when there are so many already in circulation is going to have any effect whatsoever, other than disarming, you know, law abiding citizens who have these things to protect themselves and their families and their homes. >> megyn: so, i mean, he tried to tell you that an ar-15 is not as easy to fire as a shotgun. we had a gun expert on the other day who says that's just -- that's provebly not true. that an ar-15 is much easier
10:22 am
than a the shotgun is. but as you may know the ar-15 was used, perhaps because it's so easy to fire, it was used in a couple of mass shootings we saw including the colorado movie massacre and the shooting at the oregon mall. the weapon itself is controversial. your thoughts on that? >> well, i mean, i understand that they want to say, you know, this wouldn't look scary if the military were to find weapons and perhaps falling in the wrong hands, but the fact is, there's so many in circulation that, you know, if somebody wants to get their hands on one, they'll have access to it one way or another. you know, whether it be stricter, you know, regulations on purchasing guns, or magazines or whatever. they're still unfortunately going to have access or find another means to have that kind of mass killing effect. i feel like it's just a little
10:23 am
bit counterproductive and wasting, you know, legislation's time for something that's probably not going to effect criminals at all. >> megyn: kate earnest, you have a beautiful daughter and you're lovely as well. thank you for being here? >> thank you, no problem. >> megyn: oh, look at that picture. and president obama going off republicans on reverend al sharpton's radio show suggesting that helping the rich is the only thing that binds the republican party together. but given that 42% of americans identify as republicans, does the president need to say all they care about is the rich. half the country. we'll debate. plus, big foot apparently found in texas, up next, sparked a search by frantic locals. s here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lin grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others,
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>> kelloggs is recalling 36,000 boxes of cereal nationwide and the company says there could be glass fragments in packages of special k red berries, this is a good serial. it affects boxes box of varying of sizes and upc codes. kelloggs offered replacement coupons, but no word how they got into the cereal in the first place. no injuries have been reported. south texas is buzzing after an alleged big foot sighting. a grainy photo outside of houston sets off searches for the mythical creature. and john donnelly has more from our fox affiliate kriv.
10:28 am
>> and anita has her camera at the ready. along the banks of the river last night and this afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse. she says she hasn't seen anything big foot, but might have heard him. >> we were standing here and sounded like a growl. i don't know if it's something in the -- from the plant or what, but he heard it and i heard it it and then i heard it another time. so, i don't know, it sounded like a growl, but coming from that direction. >> her grandson aden says he heard it it, too. >> it was like rrrr!. >> reporter: that loud, huh? >> yeah. and i heard it. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yeah. >> reporter: right now big foot is the talk of the town and everyone is down by the river trying to catch a glimpse. >> it's popular right now. >> a lot of people are talking about it. >> it's phone, twitter, and instagram and it's everywhere. >> it's all because of this picture and article in the port arthur paper.
10:29 am
a man says he saw a male and a female big foot on the banks of the river throwing rocks into the water and he took this picture with his cell phone. believe it? well, plenty of people do believe in big foot. there are actually two organizations in texas that invest big foot sightings. and one of them says that texas is a hot bed for big foot sighting many along the river corridor. is this real? maybe or maybe not says mike may. >> a lot of the pictures that you see that shows the animal, too far away and pixelated to draw any concrete conclusions one way or the other. >> reporter: because the pictures from december, his group won't go out and do an investigation. too much time has passed for the evidence. but anita is not giving up. she wants to have an encounter with one. just not a close encounter.
10:30 am
>> as long as they're on that side of the river and i see them. i'll be okay. >> i'm sure they can swim? >> yeah, i think that's probably what i've seen on tv, but, you know, and running. >> reporter: well, that's the first i've heard of a mrs. big foot. i mean, i think, really, we buried the lead there. there have been-- are they reproducing? we're just going to leave it at that for now. thanks, john donnelly, kriv although we'll take your thoughts on that one. follow me on twitter@megyn kelly. moving on. we're getting new reports today of a new push to secure the release of that pakistani doctor. this is the guy who helped us find bin laden and now placed in jail for 30 years by the pakistanis. just ahead hear from the california man who's got a plan to get justice for the doctor. >> and president obama lashing out at republicans over automatic budget cuts in an interview with al sharpton and it's not the first time that
10:31 am
he's gone after the g.o.p. with a vengeance. is this fair? that debate is next. . >> religion or hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. what's the rush? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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>> new details on a frightening incident unfolding at hopkins international airport in cleveland, appears to be tied to the big storm we told you about. the united nations airlines flight inbound from fort lauderdale, florida, skidded down the icy runway toward the terminal. we're told that no one was hurt. all 103 passengers have been safely taken off the plane and are inside the terminal. wow. >> well, earlier we told, but some new comments president obama made and in a radio interview with al sharpton. the president suggesting that republicans are leading this country into a frightening world where automatic budget cuts, that he proposed and signed into law could endanger lives. and this, he claims, is all because the republicans are united by this one thing, a desire to help the rich. listen. >> my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is
10:36 am
important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over closing tax loopholes and that's the thing that binds their party together at this point. >> megyn: and here to discuss it alan colmes, host of the alan colmes radio show and ben ferguson with the ben ferguson show. and that's the thing, the desire to protect the rich. your thoughts on that, ben? >> yes, seven out of the top ten richest people in congress happen to be democrats. president barack obama is the one that got us in this crisis that we're in right now with the budget cuts as you just mentioned, statistically, and been there, playing this rich versus poor man card when he's the one that allowed payroll taxes to go up, which takes
10:37 am
away 16 bags of groceries for an average working family right now in in country. so, i look at the stats and say, look at nancy pelosi. she didn't want to get a pay cut, in fact, she wanted a pay increase, even talking about lowering her salary right now is beneath the dignity of her job. so you tell me who actually is a rich person looking out for rich people. republicans are looking out for average americans. >> megyn: alan, the president, you know, was likely referring to congressional republicans. although he didn't make that necessarily clear, but he was probably referring to those guys, who he doesn't have a lot of use for. but is there a risk? because, you know, he's taken a lot of shots at republicans, they want dirty air, they want dirty water, they're suspicious of programs that feed poor children and now this, the only thing that binds they will together is their desire to protect. so, does he one the risk of alienating 42% of the country. >> they've never taken a shot
10:38 am
at him. >> and the payroll tax cut was something that the president supported and a tax raise. the republicans can't want the payroll tax cuts and-- >> let's not get too far afield. it was a payroll tax holiday and he giveth and taketh away and he and the republicans did it. answer my question, does he run the risk of alienating-- >> runs the risk of alienating people. he's got most of the country with him. 52, 53 approval rating and congress has a 15% approval rating and-- >> and even limited to congress, i don't feel you're speaking to my point exactly. what i'm trying to get at he talks the only thing -- the thing binding republicans together makes me say he doesn't understand me. >> may be true. maybe the president should stay above the notion of attacking a party or attacking at all and put forth his agenda without taking shots
10:39 am
because he's going to get yelled at by the other side the minute he says anything negative. but look at the substance of what he says, what the republican party stands for other than let's cut taxes and let's cut spending, and any other idea that unites the republican party. the republican party is not united and you've got karl rove honestly, just wants to get the most conservative person who can win and these people taking shots at him, the party is disjointed. >> go ahead, ben. >> i loved how you act as if the republican party being united on cutting government spending, where we're borrowing about 50 cents of every dollar right now that we're spending in this budget, is somehow a bad or unfair thing. >> i didn't say that. >> and wanting 0 cut people's taxes and as if that's not some sort of warranted idea. the american people right now are paying an incredible amount of money to take care of a lot of people and a lot of government payrolls and at some point there have to be cuts and you can do the math
10:40 am
as well as i can. >> what i was saying the only thing that we have is cut taxes and cut spending. >> it's a good idea. >> $2.50 in cuts for every dollar in taxes and revenue and the republicans turned that down. you've got to have a combination of both. >> what the republicans seem to be saying then, what the president got at the beginning of the year is, you know, billions in tax hikes and zero spending cuts, none. so he talks about a balanced approach and that's how he wants and what the republicans only care about protecting the rich and he got tax hikes and there were no spending cuts? >> and i think part of this though is a classic example of this administration's way of selling this to the american people, you go out there and you fear monger. you may have three or four hour lines when you go to the airport to go through tsa screening and you may lose school teachers and we may close out police, you know, facilities. we're going to have 300,000 americans lose their job in the military. all of these cuts, automatic cuts keep fear mongering, acts as if nothing else can be on the table and i think that's
10:41 am
the part that the american people, they don't like the fear mongering, they don't like that it's doom and gloom from this president if he doesn't get his way and that's what he's saying, if you don't give me what i want, then i'm going to purposely do things in your life that you're going to hate because you better give me my idea let's not forget john boehner and mcdonnell signed on, and on a ratio 2-1 and a 50% approval rating and congress 15%. in terms of where the american people are, it doesn't seem like they're against him. >> megyn: and the republicans voted for it, and amuses me, as a news anchor, they both did it. you don't get along in the divided government without bipartisan agreement. and the rest of us are left holding the bag or not holding the bag depending how you view this issue. and the thing that interests me, ben, apart from the
10:42 am
sequester, and the president seems to go back to this, this just demonize the opponent repeatedly. he does that often and there was an explicit promise he made when he was running for office back in 2008 that he would not do. he specifically said he was not going to demonize his opponent. he was going to be a different kind of president and said in 2010, again, i haven't united the country enough. that's my goal to unite us, as suspects and republicans. and now he's come out and saying, you know, those republicans, they only care about this one thing and it's about protecting the rich. >> and i think part of it's messaging. i mean, when he talks to al sharpton and jesse jackson, he continues to use this blanket statement that all these rich people are against you and i'm the guy in favor of you. and he was speaking to that audience which i'm not sure that the president actually believes that, to be honest with you, i think he knows that's how he sells this to the al sharpton jesse jackson world and every republican is evil, rich and white and i'm fighting them, so be on my
10:43 am
team. i think it's as simple as that. >> i don't think he said every republican is evil, rich and white. and again in the position that the republicans had other than cut taxes and cut spending. what have they offered to put on the table and john boehner says let the white house do it and he doesn't come up himself with any solutions and points the fingers at everybody else. >> and i think, alan, i think he's come up with some solutions and i don't think that anybody, if the white house gives a rat's rear end and-- >> and we went through an election where we heard mitt romney and others talk about what the republicans stand for, limited government and traditional family values. i want to leave you with this. recent gallup poll one third of the nation's richest, republican. 26% democrats and 99%, each group are pretty well split across parties and class.
10:44 am
>>. >> megyn: coming up oscar pistorius released on bail after being charged with premeditated murder of his girlfriend. and mark fuhrman has a very different take and he joins us right after the break. a man in his 30's now suing his parents saying he they didn't love him enough as a child and now, they owe him a big check to make up for that. that legal debate and the crisis reaction from mom and dad on kelly's court. and the growing trend of sugar daddy websites that connects young college age women in exchange for their company. we'll take a look at why they're attracting a growing number of ♪ hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>> major developments today in the case of olympic star oscar pistorius. charged with premeditated murder in the south africa in the shooting death of his girlfriend. and a magistrate granted pistorius bail mentioning his specific concerns about the prosecution's case and citing in particular that lead detective, mr. botta we've been telling you about. and so, does this suggest that pistorius is likely to beat the wrap in this case? joining us now mark fuhrman, a former lapd homicide detective and trying to get him by phone and we're told he has satellite problems, but we're 0 for 2, with satellite and phones, keep working it and he's good. welcome to live it tv. don't you love it. mark, thanks for being here albeit by phone. do you think it's more likely
10:49 am
pistorius will beat the wrap when he's tried on merits? >> i don't think so. the suspect in this case admits he shot the victim and says that she was a burglar, but the evidence is not going to play out that way. we forget about the cricket bat that was found inside, if that was in fact true, quite a stretch if it wasn't, and there was blood on it. the victim has a skull fracture, that preceded the shooting and probably, or most probably precipitated her to flee to the bathroom to try to find some safety away from the suspect. >> megyn: let me jump in. that was according to an initial report a source close to the case released, but i've not heard anything about that since then so i agree with you. if there's-- the newest story is that it's a cricket bat that he used to bang down the bathroom door after he shot her. but, i don't know if they actually do have blood on that bat or she's got a crushed skull. that would change this case significantly.
10:50 am
if they don't have that, then, how are they going to get him on premeditated murder? >> well, we-- there's got to be something there that shows that he paused with the confrontation with her and then decided to get his gun and assault her with the gun. i mean, his defense is going to be that he heard a burglar, but that's clearly not what the entire evening, and as far as putting on his legs, i don't believe he ever took off his legs. i don't believe anybody in that house actually went to bed that night. i think there was an ongoing dispute the entire night and i think that the evident will show that, not only from the lights on, but the yelling and don't forget this, let's just imagine a roaming burglar in a high dollar neighborhood that has security decides that of all the houses i'm going to pick to burglarize it's the one where i hear yelling and screaming and lights on. >> megyn: here is the other
10:51 am
item i feel is overlooked in the analysis of this case. why, if his story he was asleep and got up. thought it was a noise, the burglar, shooting in the bathroom stall. and she had been asleep. they'd been asleep for a time prior to that. if she was asleep. why was she in street clothes. short and t-shirts a lot of women sleep in. shorts and a vest, why was she in street clothes if the story was true? >> obviously, she was going to leave the location and she either got dressed or she never got undressed and got ready for bed. i don't believe that anybody ever went to bed in this situation. when you look at the whole case here, and we talk about a detective that has a n on duty situation,'s accused of with seven counts of attempt murder and the shot into a mini bus. forget that, apples and
10:52 am
oranges. look at this, the whole situation here, that detective, no matter how incompetent or competent can't compromise the scene, the suspect himself compromised almost beyond repair. he goes into the bathroom, probably kicks the door in or beats the door in, gets the victim, carries her downstairs, kicks evidence, casings from the handgun, takes her downstairs, intermingles his bodily fluids, hair, fiber and everything with blood, compromises everything about the scene and takes her outside and tries to give her cpr. >> megyn: it's the defendant's own version of the story that raises the most questions in the case and a skilled prosecutor will make a very different case in court than that. >> megyn, could i-- >> my apologies, we've got a hard break in five seconds, i have to run, mark, my apologies. rush limbaugh getting a lot of attention and we'll tell you why. >> ccident, allstate sends a check.
10:53 am
ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> so i talked to mark fuhrman during the the break. a couple of points didn't get on the air everybody says her bladder was empty, that proves she was actually using the toilet like we claimed as opposed to hiding in there. and mark points out as a former homicide detective when you get shot that can happen involuntarily when you die or when you're dying. so, that's one point and another thing he said even in south africa not justified shooting at just noises in your house even if you think it's an intruder and the law doesn't allow that, may have a case even if his story is true. anyway, two points. >> megyn: and the academy awards this sunday and celebrity share the limelight, asking the cast of an oscar nominated film the case of a pakistani doctor who helped to
10:57 am
track down bin laden. >> this is an elaborate attempt to get hollywood to talk about the doctor who got access to bin laden's compound in pakistan to the cia and he got left behind by the u.s. after the navy seals killed bin laden and he's been tortured and tossed into jail for helping america. the bin laden operation movie "zero dark thirty" is up for oscars, they want hollywood to play its part to raise awareness to get him free. >> how do we go out and party and celebrate and have fun over a production and a movie that, you know, that pictured or demonstrated what this it man did and feel good about ourselves when he's rooting in a jail cell. all somebody has to do on a stage is say, free him.
10:58 am
>> well, they took out a full page ad calling on celebrities to use their moment on the carpet to say to free he him. this is the best indication that the plight can get the attention it deserves. and he said it was part of the exclusive reporting of the case by fox news that motivated him to act. >> megyn: all right, dominic di-natale, thank you. concerns about the compli as we see higher taxes and growing national debt. we'll show you the troubling new survey from a business group and speak to a wall street economics writer where it may take us. and rush limbaugh getting attention after saying the first time in his life he's ashamed of his country. we'll explain.
10:59 am
11:00 am
11:01 am
>> fox news alert on a triple threat to the u.s. economy now
11:02 am
taking a toll on businesses and consumers. welcome to a new hour of america live, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. some economists are seeing new warning signs that higher taxes, flat wages and growing debt are slowing our already struggling economy. in recent days we've seen reports that wal-mart is stocking more shelves with less expensive products to adjust for a drop in consumer buying power just, just earlier this week we documented wal-mart describing january as a total disaster for it. in terms of sales. part of the drop blamed on skyrocketing gas prices that jumped nearly 50 cents in the past month alone. in addition to the payroll tax hike that people suffered this year, taken a 2% chunk out of the average paycheck for 77% of americans. now, a new survey says that 7 out of 10 americans are cutting back on spending as a direct result of the factors and much more. national correm angle with more on this.
11:03 am
>> hello, megyn, consumers are spending less as their confidence drops and higher gas prices take more money out of their pocket. after almost 800 billion in stimulus, unemployment high as 7.8% and higher if you count those who stopped looking and many fear the economy is entering stagnation with little job creation ahead and without job creation, consumers don't have a the lot of money to spend. >> it's the worst business cycle we've had since the end of world war ii in terms of job creation and we haven't gotten book to where we were in the previous business cycle. >> the reason for a stagnant economy are clear. too much debt, too many regulations and tax increases in a slow economy. >> and negative for economic growth over time. and we need, again, to realize that this is a global economy, we compete with many other
11:04 am
nations and part of that competition is in fact taxes. i think the reason for that is because government is just too big, consuming too much of our nation's output and taxes are too high and the burden of regulation and intervention, and these are things that matter a lot in terms of prosperity. >> now, previous presidents of both parties such as john f. kennedy and ronald reagan spurred jobs and even bill clinton cited by president obama as a model boosted growth as well, raised taxes, but also reduced regulation, and used the tax revenues to help balance the budget. and the end of the payroll tax cut, which you mentioned earlier, was also was a temporary hit, in fact, to the consumer's pocket book, handing out money from the government, money it doesn't have and has to borrow, doesn't do any lasting good for the economy. listen. >> it's not a recession, but it certainly isn't the kind of recovery that we've had in the past. >> democrats, megyn, have a different view on the reasons of course, but agree the
11:05 am
economy is crawling along and needs more help from the government at least for now. >> it's good to see you back. >> nice to see you. >> glad to see you again. >> thanks, coming up now, steve moore, a senior economics writer for the wall street journal. want your thoughts on this, steve. on the one hand you've got the payroll tax hikes that everybody suffers who pays taxes and you've got the gas prices that everybody is suffering from and got this unemployment rate, so on. on the other hand, we've been doing stories this week about the record breaking stock market. and housing is starting to rebound, and jim is not entirely correct that, you know, all democrats agree the economy is struggling, that's not what he said. but a lot of democrats come on the show and say the economy is doing great and it's roaring back and we're seeing this trend that will only continue. how are we to know what's likely? >> megyn, you're right. there's these cross currents and these winds that are blowing in opposite directions and you talked about the triple whammy of the higher payroll taxes and higher
11:06 am
gasoline, you know, bills and also, the wages. those are killers, but you do have some positive signs on the economy right now. you mentioned one of them, but let's not forget that the housing market is really started it revive in the last couple of months and we've been in a five year depression in housing, so it's kind of hard to figure out where the economy is headed, but i do believe given, if we continue to see the high prices we could slip into a double digit depression. last quarter we had negative growth. if we have one more negative growth quarter we'd be technically in a recession again. >> and weren't they quite not at this level, but almost at this level this time last year and i remember doing the stories and we're worried what's going to happen in may, because we always see a spike coming into memorial day and go higher, but then they didn't. then they went back down. >> yeah, they fluctuate all over the place and your question is almost impossible to answer and they just bounce around like a rollercoaster,
11:07 am
so, it's difficult to predict where gas prices are going to go. let's say they've been high for a long time, megyn. we've seen gas prices in the 3.50 to $4, you know, a gallon range now for a couple of years. but don't forget the thing is not going away is this payroll tax increase. they're not going to suspend that so we'll keep seeing that 2% taken of our paychecks all year long and it creates a real drag on the economy and then of course there's the fiscal cliff, how they're going to deal with the, you know, the sequester and that's been a lot of question marks on the economy, too. >> let he me ask you about the payroll tax hike, i think anecdotally, i can understand this and this is not something i know, and i know it wasn't a complete shock in washington, but i think it was a shock to many americans, i mean, even the guys around here are like, what's happened? i thought it was just going to be the rich and suddenly talking about 40, 50, $60 taken out of each paycheck which they can't afford. and so, yes, they're shocked and people are cutting back
11:08 am
and then you get used to that. and we look at washington, they behave sort of like a lot of americans sometimes. they love to spend, so once they rebound, once we get a little more distance between the shock of the pay hike and you know, let's say march and april? >> yeah, think about what they do. you're exactly right, but what people do when they feel that, 2, 3, 4% cut in their paycheck, essentially what we're seeing he when you combine the gas taxes and the payroll tax increase, you know what? they start to cut back on spending. i have a lot of friends in the fast food restaurants, burger kings and wendy's and red lobsters, they can really feel it in the sales, every time the gas price goes up? guess what, people spend less going to wal-mart and less going to, you know, mcdonald's or red lobster and that hurts the restaurants on a very thin motion, so it reverberates through the economy and isn't it interesting? american families and businesses can take this cut of 4 or 5%, but somehow it's going to be armageddon if
11:09 am
government has to be cut by 5%? i don't get that. >> that's a good point. look what americans are doing, they're tightening their belts and they're not spending as much, it's crazy what they do, when they have less money to spend. they spend less money. and according to, just to pick it up. the national retail federation says a quarter of consumers are delaying big tickets and spending less on groceries, tightening their belts, steve. >> and my point was, that isn't it interesting, government is incapable. and there's a difference between a household and the federal government. you and i don't have an unlimited credit card and we can't print money. and that's what the feds have been doing and i don't know how long that can go on. >> megyn: in my next life i'm coming back as a person working there and couple inches taller as well. steve, thank you. >> great to be with you, megyn. >> megyn: fox news extreme weather alert for you now. a deadly winter storm that dumped as much as a foot of snow, a foot and a half in kansas and missouri and is now on the move.
11:10 am
thousands of flights canceled across the midwest, schools and universities shut down in several states. snow, freezing rain, also creating dangerous driving conditions. and the system is also expected to dump more than a foot of snow in new england this weekend. mike tobin live in oak hadmaha, nebraska. >> the sun is coming out and warming up the blacktop on the road and melting snow on the road and things are getting back to normal. the catch with the the interstates back open shall the ramps are often times still frozen and people get up on the highway and pick up speed and hit an icy patch and the road crews pulled out the resources and saw the storm coming and found that it wasn't quite as bad as what they anticipated what was forecast. they're giving a lot of credit to the people who largely stayed home and gave the snowplows room to work, as the storm moves east, you're seeing the scenes repeated. in wisconsin, in iowa, the trucks pulled over at the truck stops, riding out the
11:11 am
storm. the people who elected to get out and drive stuck on the side of the road and the flights canceled, 400 flights canceled in chicago alone. but here on the back side, the only concern is the drifting snow and the icy patches, there's also a silver lining to that cloud and it's part of the country desperately needed the water. >> thank you. radio host rush limbaugh getting a lot of attention today after saying this. >> ladies and gentlemen he, for the first time in my life, i am ashamed of my country. >> megyn: he went on from there and got actually pretty emotional about his reasons. we'll explain what has him so upset and has a fair and balanced debate. and a new online push from the n.r.a. is giving major attention as the president's old campaign team is now targeting second amendment supporters with its own campaign. it's the case of the dueling campaigns. we'll show you a bit next and ask who is winning the
11:12 am
messaging war here. >> they don't make us free, we're free already. and as long as we have the second amendment, we always will be. we are america, and our politicians are only as powerful as we, the people, allow them to be i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
11:13 am
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11:15 am
>> an emotional new message from the national rival association today. just as we see a new gun control message from a political action group on the other side and the group that needs to run the president's campaign and pushing his policy agenda and they are supporting the president's call for new gun control legislation. first, the n.r.a. in a recent closed door speech to politicians and media, bill clinton spoke about american gun owners quote, a lot of these people, all they've got is their hunting and their fishing, or they've been listening to this stuff so
11:16 am
long they believe it all. unquote. and you remember barack obama's 2008 comments, they cling to gun or religion, the arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder, they don't rule us, they don't give us rights. we grant them power. they don't protect us, we pay to protect them. they don't make us free, we're free already. and as long as we have the second amendment, we always will be. we are america and our politicians are only as powerful as we, the people allow them to be. >> in the meantime, the group organizing for action needs to be organizing for america and they're pushing for president obama's reelection, is launching an online ad campaign focusing on members of congress who have not publicly committed to background checks and you can see, it's sort of, it's not an
11:17 am
ad, it's sort of these full screen pictures that you can see, here is one, and tell the congressman it's time to close background check loopholes and that's the focus in the ad. and who is winning this. >> and a former consultant to the obama campaign, mike gallagher is a syndicated radio host and a fox news contributor. the n.r.a. ad is obviously powerful because it's got the music and our liberties and bah, bah, bah in comparison to an online-- but the background check issue, marjorie, has 90% support among the american people. so, i don't know that they need as many bells and whistles to persuade people. nonetheless, they need to persuade lawmakers or it's not going to happen. >> right, and i think what this ad does and what's dangerous about the n.r.a. ad, it sort of remind me of an epic movie trailer for a war film. the thing is, it's not a war and what we need to do and doing a disservice is creating this as a bipartisan issue.
11:18 am
90% of americans support the idea of doing background checks on people who are gun owners what the debate has gun, they're trying to take our guns away or we want to keep our guns and the reality is, that's not the debate at all. it's about coming up with responsible policies to allow people to still go hunting and allow people to have guns to do so and that there aren't people mentally ill running around putting us at risk, as they did this year in shopping malls and-- >> the devil is in the details, because the other side gets upset when they hear the president or his supporters talk about what you need. and always fall back on hunting. because they say, i don't have to hunt. i don't need hunting. i can sit in my own house for protection or just because i want to have it because the constitution says i have. >> and i notice that marjorie couldn't resist at the outset using dangerous in the same
11:19 am
sentence with the n.r.a. nothing dangerous about the n.r.a. message, it's a powerful message. come on, there's nothing scary-- >> no, no. >> let me finish, please, nothing scary about the n.r.a. position that americans get to hold on to their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. there's a great debate to be had and nothing wrong with expanded background checks and a lot of flak from my conservative colleagues because i think it's time to have that conversation, i'm with the so-called 80 or 90% who say that it's okay to close some loopholes if there are loopholes that exist. nobody wants dangerous people to get their hands on guns, but we need the n.r.a. now more than ever. when president obama enlists his operatives, to go after and target congressmen who are second amendment friendly, this fight is a tough one, it's a difficult battle, but i think the left is afraid that they're going to lose this battle and i think that obama thinks he's going to lose it. i don't think there's a realistic way that they're going to infringe upon the
11:20 am
constitutional rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. >> and i'm not pointing at n.r.a. or any particular advocacy group. i'm pointing that at anyone who is politicizing this discussion. >> oh, come on, both sides are doing that. >> absolutely, that's what i mean. >> like the-- >> they're both guilty of that. they always do, our viewers are sick of the washington politicians and politicize everything. and want to ask you something on a larger point. the piece of the ad that jumped out at me on the n.r.a. ad is something that we hear a lot from conservative blogs and more conservative viewers and it was the part where they talk about the arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder, they don't own us, they don't give us rights. we grant them power. they don't make us safe. we pay to protect them. they don't make us free, we're free already. and the n.r.a. is trying to take this into a much more fundamental place of, this is about government infringement on your liberties and that is a theme that some believe has
11:21 am
resonated in an area beyond gun control. >> yeah, and i think that's an important part of how this is becoming politicized, but we have to think about in our country what o values are. freedom is absolutely one of them. safety and protection is also part of those values and i think that's where the discussion how do we create a rule of laws and a rule of order because when we look at our country, for example, when you go to get your driver's license, you can't be epileptic or have vision problems, that endangers other americans by you being on the road. in the same way, we have a mentally ill gun owner, it's not about taking away rights, it's about maintaining still independence, but also safety. >> if i may-- >> you can get a driver's license with vision problems. >> yeah. >> megyn: just have to have your contact lenses in. >> you can't be blind. >> megyn: corrected. or i wouldn't be driving. >> go ahead, mike.
11:22 am
>> a lot of anti-gun crowd can't resist using the phrase, do you really need? and the americans recent the heck out of being told by a politician what they think we need or don't need. guys, i'm sorry, this is the silly season, we've got vice-president biden literally advising people to buy a shotgun and fire it in the air outside your door and scare off burglars. that's not crazy joe, president obama enlisted vice-president biden to head up for productive ways to battle this particular issue. we've got crazy uncle joe biden who comes to thanksgiving dinner rambling incoherently in charge of this problem or this conflict between gun owners and gun grabbers, this is the silly season. >> megyn: and a delaware lawyer came out and said what the vice-president advises is illegal. >> it is, you can't fire a gun in the hair. >> megyn: a fine and you can't do that. and quickly, i've got to go. >> i think it's highlighting
11:23 am
the many ironies that exist her and ironic that he we let someone out of prison and mentally ill and running the streets with an automatic weapons only designed to kill people. the key is we've got to highlight what the inconsistencies are and quite polarizing the issue snu mention the mentally ill, oh, yeah, what about the mentally ill? where did that discussion about? great debate. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> megyn: coming up radio host rush limbaugh sparking an interesting conversation. and it's extraordinary to listen to him yesterday. after he declared the first time in his life he is ashamed of his country. and he got very emotional. we'll play you his comments about what has him so upset and we will debate the points he is making. a man in his 30's is suing his parents saying they didn't love him enough as a child and now he says they owe him a big check to make up for that. the legal debate and the priceless reaction from mom and dad on kelly's court. ♪ love, love will keep us together ♪
11:24 am
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11:27 am
>> an arizona businessman now giving the people the chance to see the crisis on our southern border. launching a one after kind tour that allows them to hear from border residents and law enforcement agencies to deal with this problem every single day. and adam housley near the mexican border with more. hey, adam. >> right now we're in nogales. and the tour isn't just about going down there and looking across the border and seeing the federales on the other side. it's the water tanks out in the desert and humantainer organizations out there and for under $100 people are coming down here and the buses, they're one of the smallest buses and last month one of the largest buses and along with the tours, is bob
11:28 am
simon and you were a radio personality and a spanish language media down here for a long time and you thought it was an important thing to do. this isn't just a tour. people actually can learn a lot about the border doing this. >> when you come down here, you let the border speak to you and make your mind up and go beyond the crime of illegal substances and guns and people and we how we're next door neighbors, mexico, and you can see that the consumers from mexico spent 7 million dollars a day in the state of arizona and includes tax revenues and you can see what importance they have to places north of arizona as consumers. and how they're coming from mexico all winter long and how important it is for us to go to the south and spend money there. you see a link far beyond the headlines of the illegal activity that goes on. and we're going to talk to the border patrol and can't go on record, but when you talk to the border patrol union they can go on record and tell you,
11:29 am
they believe it's a good idea overall. take a listen. >> when you get a lot from the media, reality shows and everything, that's a watered down filtered version, but when you come out here and you see hands on and you're taking some kind of tour like that, i believe, yeah, that would help you fill out more, unfiltered view of really, what's going on out there. >> and this goes on year round, megyn, they have tours that go on once a month and sometimes more depending on the need and as i mention, pretty good tour so far, we're halfway along and give you a real representation, and coming down here 11 years in my case and see the changes that we've seen, for people never been down there and see them on television it gives them an up close view of what's happening, in fact, just down looking through the new mix put up along the border between nogales, arizona and nogales, new mexico. >> megyn: an interesting idea. thank you so much. a grown man files a lawsuit against his own parents saying they he didn't love him enough when he was a child. can you do that?
11:30 am
the growing trend of sugar daddy websites that connects young college age women willing to bang role an education, in exchange for company. is that legal? and rush limbaugh dropped a bombshell, expressing anger and disappointment with washington. not just washington, with the country. this is an unusual tone for rush, this particular message. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on it and play you the sound right after the break. >> ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, i am ashamed of my country. to be watching all of this, to be treated, to have my intelligence, all of us, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it's being... is... it just makes me ashamed.
11:31 am
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11:34 am
>> radio star rush limbaugh getting a lot of attention today after his expressed frustration with washington and with this country. reached a peak on air yesterday. the radio host going so far as to say for the first time in his life he feels ashamed of his country. listen to a bit. >> ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, i am ashamed of my country.
11:35 am
to be watching all of this, to be treated, to have my intelligence, all of us, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it's being is -- it just makes me ashamed. seriously, man, i mean, here we get worked up over 44 billion dollars, that's the total amount of money that will not be spent, that was scheduled to be spent this year. and in truth, we're going to spend more this year than we spent last year. we're just not going to spend as much as was projected. it's all big time budgeting. there is no real cut below a baseline of zero, there just isn't. and yet, here they come.
11:36 am
sucking us in, rolling us in, panic here, fear there. crisis, destruction, no meat inspection, no cops, no teachers, no firefighters, no air traffic control. i'm sorry, my days of getting roped into all this are over. they have the media play along with all this. the ruling class, both parties play along with all this, it's insulting, i don't know how else to describe it. i'm into my 25th year, i can't tell you the number of times, this hit me yesterday. i've said the same things over and over for 25 years. that whether the clinton presidency or the obama presidency, whether it's a pelosi speakership or tom foley, who was speaker when i started, it's the same stuff.
11:37 am
it's the same threats, it's the same arguments over and over, nothing ever changes. we just keep spending more money, we create more dependency, we get more and mo more irresponsible and all of them except for the real crisis that nobody addresses and that is that we can't afford any of this. >> megyn: joining me now to discuss it, dan, president of gotham ghost writers and david webb on sirius xm patriot. let me start with you on this, dan, contrarian, you. when you hear them talk about we can't afford any of it and this is all show and he talked earlier in the broadcast doing it for 25 years and he's seen this crisis and they get everybody all worked up, and then, it doesn't prove to be true. did think of that resonate with you? >> no, i was with david back stage that, you know, the silver lining in this
11:38 am
sequestration mess is that we now athlet least have rush has some capacity for shame. >> megyn: ashamed of how people are behaving and how people are believing. >> and why it doesn't resonate with me, because if you listen to the rest of the tape. all he does is blame democrats. this is a bipartisan mess. david and i will agree on this, washington has broken and the dysfunction on both sides is incredible and i share rush's frustration, but he'd have a lot more credibility with people like me if he looked at both sides. contributions on both sides. >> megyn: obviouslyin, he doesn't love the democrats, but he talks about the people being played for a bunch of fools, a bunch of suckers and he talks about low informed voters he doesn't think are paying attention and seeing what's real here, which is a move toward the 17 trillion dollar debt that nobody's addressing and we're--
11:39 am
and a little piece in the ocean. >> well, we're having this little place over the ocean on both sides. and republicans protect their pet tax loopholes and spending programs largely in defense and democrats won't give an inch on entitlements and other forms of wasteful spending and we're stuck in this constant state of paralysis, and stalemate. partisan gridlock and blame game what we'll see in the i was ek. going, asking dan as a suspect whether he agreed with anything that rush was saying and obviously not blaming one party part. what we heard right there, we're being played for suckers and we're watching this debate over the teaspoon of water and the ocean is around us and that's the problem and no one, no one is addressing it, neither party is addressing it. >> and i won't draw the same equivalence that dan does and both have their share of the problem. and this program, i called it barack obama's world, he wanted sequestration and it was his idea and others backed him up on this and the
11:40 am
frustration that rush feels, i feel. the shame is to look at americans who have let ourselves become so politically dumbed down that we buy into the fear and loathing narrative and megyn, okay, one, somebody please tell barack obama that cops and firefighters are paid by their local municipalities and states and yes, they'll show up if something happens at your house. planes won't fall out of the sky. cars won't run off the road and people won't dive out of buildings. and here is america, you're right about teaspoon. we've never addressed the real problem. we let the politicians, the beltway, the district of corruption push us around and they've had a year to get to us. and let me ask, because i have a different theory about it, i feel like, well, they don't pay that close attention. people live their lives and i experience this sometimes when i go on maternity leave, you know, and i don't consume the news in way i consume it it the way i'm doing it. you live your life and see
11:41 am
your kids and your friends and you're not following the sequester that closely the way that d.c. types are, and i think people, dan, believe our president when they see him come out and say that all of these firefighters are going to get laid off because of these republicans. and i think that rush is trying to say, he's sick of that. he's sick of people just believing this posturing about armageddon. >> well, but there's been scare tactics throughout the history of american politics. >> and justify it. just speak to that dynamic as it lives today when we're facing 17 trillion in debt. >> i think part of the problem is without dramatizing, where they were ready to sacrifice the full faith and credit. and it wasn't until wall street and the elites in the country said this is crazy, we have to stop this insanity and we can't default on our debt. >> megyn: once again, it was the republicans at least trying to do something about this spending and deficit and
11:42 am
debt and what people are asking, where is the leadership on that issue? we worry about our children. >> i agree, i agree. president obama is not providing enough leadership, but there's a deficit on both sides. and if he had a willing partner with the republicans. let me finish, that they were serious about the debt. and the deficit. and they would be talking about like a balanced approach just like the president-- >> we just had the-- >> they had be to be dragged kicking and screaming. >> megyn: we had the tax hikes and where is the republican plan i'm not talking 85 billion. where is the republican plan for the serious, the serious spending cuts. >> get us down to 70% of gdp-- >>. >> megyn: and our children-- >> the republicans failed to put out a plan on that. whether it was ryan plan or simpson bowles or debate it, we don't get that far in washington. i'm sick of the flowery language or the moral equivalence on this panel. the reality is that the
11:43 am
failure has been to attack the real problem. the full faith and credit statements they don't matter because they're going to be downgraded when we destroy our economy regardless. >> you don't see the parties as equally guilty. >> i he see guilt on both sides, there's no equality in guilt here, we know since the pelosi, and the obama administration, two years he had both houses we see what they want to do. they want tax, raise taxes and they don't talk about tax reform. you want to talk about subsidies, fine. corporate tax rehe form and you don't need to subsidize 2.6 billion dollars a year, like into the oil industry, like you do to frankly any company. and we've got to get down to incremental fixes and immigration, another drag on our economy, we don't go after the real problems. and so we pander and that's what rush is really talking about. americans have let ourselves-- you're right, meg, i came back from israel and i went there on a fishing trip and i went there and wanted to get away from the news except when i watched you. >> and the news could be
11:44 am
depressing. >> right. but i want to get away for time, but i also can't be lazy and americans need to stop being lazy and not involved just because our lives are busy because the politicians have played us because we've been lazy and uninvolved in this-- >> i've got to go quickly. >> well, i'm not drawing an equivalence. i'm not getting dragged into the blame game and frankly the problem is not the debt, it's not the deficit. no, it's not. we've got a bigger problem, lack of leadership and ability of our political leaders to set aside our ideological agendas and actually tackle tough problems and i'll be the first one to say we have to cut spending and-- >> the irony is, we have to modernize our tax code. >> the irony is some people believe that barack obama would be that man and could unite the divided parties and-- >> and i've been the first to say he'd been weak. at the same time the republican party is not a willing partner at all. >> they believe his agenda is so far to the left that they can't-- all right i've got to go. >> the bills have been passed and harry reid won't bring
11:45 am
them up. if you want to compromise get in the game and-- >> we've had that debate and the two parties see it very differently. in any event, kind of depressing, isn't it? and thanks for being here, though. thanks for being here. and maybe this will cheer you up, can you sue your parents for not loving you enough? we'll investigate that next.
11:46 am
11:47 am
11:48 am
>> kelly's court is back in session. a 32-year-old man accusing his parents not loving him enough as a child so he's suing them for a hefty allowance. bernard bay is homeless and yet an aspiring record mogul. he blames his parents for his situation and saying they weren't loving or nurturing at all when he was a child and now he's asking a judge to force him to pay up claiming $200,000 should set things right. his mother says, bernard, get a job. adding that she has had a lifetime of old bernard and she's done. can you really sue for this?
11:49 am
jonna spilbor is a former prosecutor and now defense attorney and julia is a former prosecutor and now defense attorney. bernard has a theory why he's homeless and claims all of his siblings are struggling, too, and it's all the parents' fault. julia, can you make bernard's case? >> you know what, megyn, i think i can. i mean, look, in new york parents are obligated to support their minor children and treat them well. and if they don't do it and while the child is still a minor, the state can actually step in, take action on behalf of that child and protect that child's rights. what happens when you have a case like this, where there's an adult abuse and that lawsuit alleges abuse. it wasn't just the lack of love. but, you know, now all of a sudden you've got a dysfunctional, damaged adult whose life is doomed. i mean, what is his recourse? and i'm going to say under
11:50 am
these circumstances, it's a lawsuit such that is this. i mean, conceptually there's not much difference between the law protecting a child who is being abused and then the law providing a vehicle for the adult to vindicate abuse and basically led to a bass life on the part of that adult. so i think it's a legitimate lawsuit. >> bernard could do no better than julia in representation, jonna. i could find a lawyer who could make the argument better than she did. >> nobody, that's a great argument. i'm not for judge. if it weren't for unemployed losers my dating pool would get a whole lot smaller. >> megyn: would you like bernard to call you? >> no, sorry, listen. this does not give you the right to mooch off your mommy. julia, a great argument, but stop selling your t-shirts and start flipping burgers and do something to be productive in society.
11:51 am
what he's doing is wasting time. it could get his 15 minutes of fame. my facebook page went nuts over it. he does not have. >> the mother said she's scared of him. go get a job and never had a job a day in his life. everyone in america has the same opportunity, bernard. don't blame your parents, you're an adult. the choice is yours. >> you can't have the courts clogged up by children who think their parent weren't loving enough. >> that's a good point. and that's one argument to make, however, look at the lawsuits that people bring for car accidents, and slip and falls, a lot of them are frivolous and they're bogus injuries, they're soft tissue injuries and yet they want to get paid and they bring in the lawsuits and the courts are responsible to weed through those types of lawsuits and why not, you know, have lawsuits such as these, and you know, the intra family immunity has been abolished in new york and--
11:52 am
there's a lot, but jonna, let me ask you about the alleged abuse and one the of the siblings says he's a path logical liar and he claims his father is abusive toward him. is that actionable? >> not anymore, but maybe whens with an a child, and the action was going on and the department of social services and agencies that handle that, they come out however many years later and say you were abused and that's causing you not to be able to be employed so so far-fetched. unlike an accident case where you could physically have an injury and you have to decide who is liable. this is totally, totally different. not for nothing, but i threatened to move out of my parents house when they were 18 they told me, great, an early christmas. so-- >> the financial umbilical cord was getting cut graduating from college. >> exactly. >> megyn: ladies, got to run, thank you. >> thanks, megyn. >> megyn: we'll be right back. as into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables
11:53 am
in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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♪ sugar, oh honey, honey ♪ >> having problems paying for college? an innovative approach apparently emerging among some co-eds, a sugar daddy, young women with wealthy older men willing to bank roll their educational life and gaining nor scrutiny as they gain more popularity. phil keating with more. >> megyn, students tell me the high cost of higher education is what it it boils down to and if a sugar daddy can help pay the way then the sugar life style it is. las vegas babes, seeing the
11:57 am
college females connecting up with older men. >> i love it. >> we will call her nina, she says clothing, books, dinner dates, all paid for by her 62-year-old sugar daddy, totalling about 6 grand so far, she's a 20-year-old sophomore at florida international university and here is a typical date. >> he takes me to the movies and then after he took me to the restaurant and then afterwards to the hotel so we stayed there a couple of hours, we didn't spend the night, but he surprised me with flowers and candy adid cud. >> the website says 80% of these relationships do in the end involve sex. the sugar life style is growing in popularity at campuses around the country. georgia state. new york university. and others in the top 20. despite what you're about to
11:58 am
se hear from the ceo of the company. one says that it's prostitution and wants the website shut down. >> money in exchange for sex is prosecution, but money and sex are integral parts of normal relationships. so, just because the two are involved in a romantic relationship does not make the romantic relationship prostitution. >> reporter: some of these young women specifically asked for 5, 10 grand a month and i must say that the colleges and universities do not condone this at all. back to you, megyn. >> megyn: phil, thank you. a wise man once put it to me when he i said i was the worst gold digger of all times in my younger years, forget that, dig your own gold girls. that's the lowrongest story we've done since the big foot story in the last hour. be right back. access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers,
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